The City of Shadowkeep

The City of Shadowkeep
  1. Eleirdith’s Fortress – an old, sinister, castle-like structure atop one of the enormous rock stacks in the Great Shadow Lake
  2. The Bard’s Trousers – a popular tavern and inn overlooking the Shadowkeep docks
  3. The Shaking Lich Inn – a tavern and inn on the shadier side of town, with even shadier patrons
  4. The Six Nickels – the best brothel in town, situated outside the city walls it is owned and run by Madam Judith and is a warm and inviting place with plenty of good company

Be sure to check back with the map – as the story progresses and our heroes become more familiar with the city, items will be added to the map legend so you’ll know where things are too.