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13th Jan 2023 in Chapter 2
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Author Notes:

Iddstar 13th Jan 2023
Important update:
From today, the comic will be assuming the new title: *"Of Destiny and Dragoones"*

It's no secret that this story first emerged in a tabletop game and when starting the comic originally I had carried the name from our campaign over without too much thought. However, the recent *stuff* going on with the D&D official brand and its relationship to the community that loves it has highlighted that for us, the creators of this story, our name doesn't serve our story as well as it could, given its obvious reference to the tabletop name. Our story is not about D&D, nor does it centre around any fundamentally "D&D" elements. It's a story about Destiny, Dragoones, and heroes (no, really, they're heroes).

More than that, none of WoTC's recent activities and statements are in line with the spirit of loving and collaborative storytelling from which our tale originates. So from here onwards, our story stands on its own, as it should have all along. I'm so excited for you to join us on our adventure.


Llywenna 13th Jan 2023
Tolkien's estate should sue the wotc company for infringement if they're going to be like that.
Iddstar 17th Jan 2023
I definitely have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it all, but in general from the perspective of this comic, the whole thing just really highlighted that the name wasn't the right fit, even aside from what's happening with WotC right now. And then on top of that there's the element of the bad taste the whole thing is leaving in the mouth of D&D players and the like... Big sigh.
Claudia 18th Jan 2023
Completely understand. I'm loving the story, by the way.
Iddstar 18th Jan 2023
Thank you!