Our Heroes


Craig Spooncarver


Craig is an unusually  optimistic and kind person compared to the harsh world and even harsher city he now finds himself in. At 3’6″ he likes to hold your hand in a crowd so as not to get lost, but don’t let his size fool you; his magic packs quite a punch.

Whenever he has a spare moment, He pops out his tools and start carving something; nine times out of ten, it’s a spoon. 




Elves aren’t uncommon in the world but they typically have less of a grungy city vibe and don’t usually hide their pointy ears under a hood. However, flying under the radar suits Eliana well, giving her all the more time to watch carefully and stay unnoticed as she slips from shadow to shadow and through that door you’re pretty certain you locked.

Nix Nova

Nix Nova


Raised all her life in the temple of a god you’ve definitely never heard of, Nix Nova is a woman of faith and determination.

With a healer’s touch, blissful worldly naivety, and the unearned confidence of youth on her side, she’s just the kind of wonderful chaotic presence you need when you’re trying to escape a sorcerer’s curse.





Lock up your sons, lock up your daughters, lock up your silverware. Xolos is a lone wolf, forged in the tough streets of the South, for whom the darkness of Shadowkeep is NBD so long as he can still get a drink, some coin, and some company from somewhere. He’s not shy of a fight if the prize is worth it, but if the payoff looks on the small side he may be out the door. He doesn’t do charity, after all.




Odesza is a doubt-first-trust-later kind of gnome and in the city of Shadowkeep this serves them well. Light of foot and even lighter of fingers, Odesza - or Dez, if they don’t like you - can take care of themself and doesn’t need help or friends. Probably.




Delphine is slow to trust just about anyone, especially tyrannical authority, so she,s basically been preparing for the self-appointed overlord of Shadowkeep her whole life; bring it on. She's strong, fast, and her punches pack one helluva punch. Not to mention her kicks, her elbows, her knees...


Other Cast