Nix Nova

First up we have Nix Nova, a red-skinned tiefling cleric from a small temple you’ve likely never heard of. She’s smart, focused, feisty, and has delivered enough babies and tended to enough wounded that blood, bones, and death doesn’t bother her at all.


Craig Spooncarver

Next, here’s Craig Spooncarver, a gnome originally from the Underdark deep under the mountains who came to the surface and took up life as a Druid. He’s kind, considerate, and at 3’6″ likes to hold your hand in a crowd so as not to get lost. Don’t let his size fool you though, his magic packs quite a punch.



You might be fooled into thinking fellow gnome Odesza is a rogue, given their tendency to pick pockets wherever possible, but they are a ranger, stealthy, cheeky, and somewhat good at disguises too. A sharp-shooting hunter in the wild and a fruitful coin-purse lifter in the streets, they can be a loveable, ever-curious handful.



Like any good monk, the Half-Elf Delphine knows how to land a punch, a kick, a staff, a throwing dart, and also herself as she parkours herself head-first into just about any fight. She’s quiet and resourceful, with a keen mind on the task at hand as well as where it sits in the bigger picture.


Typically the quietest of the group, Eliana is the party’s rogue. She slinks carefully around the street corners that she knows like the back of her hand, has one ear to the ground of goings on and will lock pick her way out of sight before there’s even a hint she’s there. She’s an elf, but you’d not notice quickly, as those ears are usually tucked away.



Finally we have Xolos, a stout halfling who could easily be your friend or your enemy, depending on whether you’ve got an ale ready for him or a bag of gold with his name on. Or if you have something worth pinching. He may only be 3ft tall, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in… crowbars. Crotches everywhere, beware.