About the Comic

Of Dungeons & Dragoones chronicles the adventures of a group of mismatched, reluctant adventurers thrown together against their will.

With no preparation, and very little clue, our rag-tag band must overcome challenges both great and trivial alike to survive the dangers which the vast and fantastical realm of Agroreth can throw against them. And that’s without factoring in the troubles they cause each other…

ODAD was born as a D&D campaign, and while the setting of the story is an original creation, keen-eyed readers will no doubt be able to discern a few familiar terms popping up here and there as the story progresses. And progress it will.

The original campaign upon which the story is based has been running for a couple of years now, thanks to the efforts of artist and DM Vic Hill, and the shenanigans of Jane Hesling (Nix Nova) Jemma Hill (Eliana), Nikki Reese (Craig Spooncarver), Nicky Rider (Xolos), Lindsay Slobojan (Delphine), and Angel Wansing (Odesza).